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Cserveni Attila

Process Technology Lead


After graduating in engineering, in teaching and in MBA, I started my career as an SAP consultant in Logistics domain at PwC, an international management consultancy.

Over the past 23 years, as I have become more experienced in consulting, I have expanded my interests and assignments from SAP projects to business processes, other IT technologies, digital transformation and project management. I have delivered successful and innovative business IT projects to top companies of the Hungarian private sector in the role of project manager, senior consultant, consultant.

I continuously felt a sense of lack after the delivered projects, because I was mostly concerned with what the consultant implementing the IT solution traditionally was no longer interested in: how can the customer make the most efficient use of the delivered system along their business processes? In 2019, I found Process Mining and its most successful representative, Celonis. So, I have found the missing link.

A Celonis-alapú folyamatbányászat teljes spektrumában megszereztem a szükséges képesítéseket (Data Engineer, Analyst, Business Value Architect, Implementation Professional, Sales Professional, Solution Professional). Bizalmon és profizmuson alapuló partneri kapcsolatot építettem és gondozok a Celonis SE-vel. Az eltelt két év alatt magyar nagyvállalatoknak készítettem elő és szállítottam le kollégáimmal folyamatbányászaton alapuló projekteket, növelve prosperitásukat. A sikert az üzleti megbízóim “Hűha!” érzésének mértékében, a számukra termelt üzleti érték nagyságában és az ügyféloldalon kinevelt szakértők tudásában mérem.

After earning an MBA in Finance, I began my professional career as a BPR Consultant at PwC Management Consulting in 1998.

In addition to purely process and organization development projects, I also worked on a number of system implementation projects where I led the business process and change management team. For these successful projects, I used the process-based system implementation method, which integrates and manages not only IT, but also process, organizational and infrastructure-related changes.

As an experienced Consultant, I have led global projects at large Hungarian and Multinational companies, and helped several Shared Service Centers in Lean process improvements, SLAs and performance measurement systems implementations and headcount modeling. Recently, I worked as a Process Efficiency Leader at a large Hungarian manufacturing company with a global presence, where I was responsible for the transformation of the entire company and the improvement of the efficiency of end-to-end processes.

In 2019, I found Celonis. Getting to know it fundamentally changed what I had thought about Process Improvements so far. What are the significant process improvements that can be easily implemented? Where and how much time and money do I lose due to the inefficiency of the process? Which part of the process is mature enough to automate? So far, the answers to these questions have been more like intuitions.

However, after the delivery of four successful Celonis-based (P2P, O2C, Pharma product quality and release) transformation projects, it has been proven that it is possible to make evidence based decisions, define transformation and digitization directions that create the most value, and measure the success!

Molnár Zsolt

Process Efficiency Lead